Hello, I'm Emmanuel Vazquez, also known as Maanu. I'm a Software Engineer and Consultant from Argentina 🇦🇷 with 8 years of experience in web and mobile development. Throughout my career, I have worked on both backend and frontend projects, but my primary focus has been on frontend development.

I thrive in working with product-oriented companies that value iteration, aiming to strike a balance between User Experience and Developer Experience. I find great satisfaction in delving into the finer details and tackling challenging performance issues that can make a difference in user preference between our product and competitors'. Additionally, I am passionate about establishing effective development processes and leveraging or even creating the right tools to empower our engineers.

During my free time, I actively contribute to open source projects and continuously expand my knowledge. I strongly believe that learning new things, even outside of my immediate field, broadens my perspective and enhances my day-to-day work. Countless times, this mindset has led me to improve the projects I'm working on.

In my personal life, there's nothing quite like enjoying a good cup of coffee or sharing Mate with friends. I have a deep interest in the latest gadgets and emerging technologies, and one of my hobbies is building custom keyboards. So far, I've assembled nine keyboards and counting!